About the Artist

A Commitment to Craft & Design

About the Artist

A jeweler + metalsmith + knitter + overall maker, and graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston where she studied and received her BFA in Jewelry + Metalsmithing.  

Soon after graduating she began attending tradeshows as an emerging artist making new lines of work. Pausing partially to work at the beautiful Fullercraft Museum, Adriana cherished her experience there. She now continues with her work in her home studio, working small scale with each piece being one of a kind. 

Her technique is that of a traditional sense and designs are on the modern side using sterling silver and the occasional gemstone.


Adriana De Castro



The Process

My work is a contemporary twist of organic and geometric forms and textures that have an abstract graphic quality.  My approach on design carries a heavy influence from the Scandinavian Modernist movement. This, in conjunction with vintage knot books and diagrams, are integral to my practice. When creating new work I gravitate towards the concept of kinetics and how objects move in space.

Designed and Handmade In House



All of my work is constructed using traditional metalsmithing fabrication techniques such as soldering, forging, forming, and piercing. Sterling silver is my conscious choice of metal. Some pieces are set with semi-precious gemstones such as garnet, labradorite, moonstone, tourmalated quartz, australian opal, iolite, etc.